Lipotropic Injections
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Lipotropic Injections
  • Lipotropic Injections
  • What To Expect
  • Frequency of Lipotropic Shots
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Lipotropic Injections
What are Lipotropic B12 Injections

Lipotropic injections are an adjunct to a weight loss plan and are used to target the body’s fat stores.

They have 3 key ingredients that work to promote the body’s innate pathway of fat reduction.

  • Methionine (an essential amino acid involved in metabolism)
  • Inositol (a sugar alcohol involved in fat removal)
  • Choline (an amine involved in the metabolism of fat).
  • Cyanocobalamin (B12). This vitamin is vital to healthy metabolic function. It’s also able to reduce mental stress, which can hinder weight loss efforts.

Together MIC (as the combination is called) promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism, building muscle, and facilitating fat removal.

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What To Expect
What should I expect from Lipotropic B12 Injections?

During your consultation, your health and wellness goals will be reviewed to determine if Lipotropic B12 injections are right for you.

Frequency will be determined for your specific needs.

Intended Benefits include:

  • Aids in proper metabolism of fats and removal of fat from the liver
  • Provides an energy boost
  • Boosts your metabolism by helping to digest food
  • Speeds up thought processes and improves mood
  • Provides essential components for normal cell and brain function
  • Helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones
  • Help emulsify cholesterol and detoxify amines
  • Help keep skin tone healthy and nails strong
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Helps transform carbohydrates into energy
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Frequency of Lipotropic Shots
Frequency of Lipotropic Shots

Although everyone is different, as a general rule, we recommend coming in for weekly lipotropic shots. However, injections can be once a month, once a week, twice a week and will be determined by the practitioner.

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Prior to starting treatment, inform your practitioner if you are pregnant, lactating or have any of the following conditions:

  • Leber’s Disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • An infection
  • Iron deficiency
  • Folic acid deficiency
  • Receiving any treatment that has an effect on bone marrow
  • Taking any medication that has an effect on bone marrow
  • An allergy to cobalt or any other medication, vitamin, dye, food or preservative

Certain herbal products, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, prescription and nonprescription medications may result in side effects when they interact with the B12 Injection.

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Lipo B injections varies, depending on the specific type of treatment. Initial treatment costs $30 per injection.

Cost per treatment may also depend on recommended frequency. Treatment protocol may vary one shot every week or two for best results.

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